About NetDashBoard

Clear Network Insight

NetDashboard is a Productivity Tool for SME businesses, provided as a subscription based service. It provides Awareness of what is going on with your network and its users. It provides Alerts about critical issues and provide clear and relevant Analysis and Reports, together with the ability to drill down to relevant detailed information for those that run the business and the network.It provides something quite different to technically focused network monitoring and fault finding tools.


Business Productivity Gains

Traditional network monitoring mechanisms that have been around for years, cater for technical people often working in larger businesses and typically with sizable networks. They provide helpful information to that category of user. In contrast, NetDashBoard users are often the MD or key business person that wants a clear summary of what is going on in the organisation and is aiming at getting get better productivity from his staff and IT resources. This is is exactly where NetDashboard fits. In addition it offers key security benefits of knowing precisely what is connected to your network and who is using it.


Clarity and Ease-of-Use

NetDashBoard’s design provides clarity and simplicity regarding the information presented. It clearly displays relevant and important information giving alerts only when necessary. The control interface provides real Ease-of-Use (not just the marketing buzzword). Importantly NetDashBoard provides not only top level summaries but the ability to drill down to more detail – but continues displaying relevant information clearly.