News Roundup


NetDashBoard News


NetDashBoard’s design provides clarity and simplicity regarding the information presented. It clearly displays relevant and important information giving alerts only when necessary. The control interface provides real Ease-of-Use (not just the marketing buzzword). Importantly NetDashBoard provides not only top level summaries but the ability to drill down to more detail – but continues displaying relevant information clearly.

NetPilot and SoHoBlue: Software News

The latest generation NetPilot and SoHoBlue models integrate all the key hardware and software elements, together with an unparalleled array of Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, into a single internet security appliance.

There have been a flurry of new features in various V6 releases – all recently available or recently announced – including WAN Failover, Captive Portal and HTTPS Content Filtering.

For more information on latest software version and specific features please see:


NetPilot and SoHoBlue:  Product News

New SoHoBlue models have been recently introduced. In tests these new models are considerably more powerful than comparable models from major competitors – and are available at lower cost.

There are three desktop models in the range for up to 25 users: the SoHoBule-25; for up to 50 users:  the SoHoBlue-50 ; and for up to 100 users: the SoHoBlue-100.

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